Altitude at Nakoma

Portola, CA

Owner: Nakoma Associates, LP

Architect:  Cathexes Architecture

Completed: 2016

Value: $5,296,526.00


This project is the construction of a new, ~12,135sf recreation facility for the exclusive use of Nakoma residents.  The recreation center will include:  a Fitness Center, Locker Rooms, Lounge, Meeting Space, Children's Center with outdoor play area, Climbing Wall, Media Room/Movie Theatre, Teen Center with gaming tables, Outdoor Resort Pool and Spa, Expansive Pool Deck and Lounge Area, Landscaping and Parking area.

“Trent and his group have great integrity.  When there was a little bit of damage made on a project, Trent came in immediately and said it happened and that he would fix it.  He stepped up to make it right.  I really appreciated that.”

- Rose Asquith, Business Manager

Sierra-Plumas USD

Yreka High School Gymnasium Design/Build

Yreka, CA

Owner: Yreka Union High School District

Architect:  Nichols, Melburg, & Rosetto

Completed: 2017

Value: $5,841,976.00

This design/build project is for the construction of a new, ~26,048sf gymnasium for Yreka High School.  The project includes multiple courts for basketball and volleyball, a weight room, cardio room, locker rooms, coaches’ office, showers, restrooms, snack bar, and lobby.

“What I liked most about working with McCuen is that they were personable.  We got to know each other as friends.”


- Mike Williams, Plant Manager

Big Valley USD

Hoopa Valley High School Gymnasium Reroofing

Hoopa, CA

Owner: Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Architect:  BCA Architects

Completed: 2016

Value: $2.1 million

The reroofing of this high school gymnasium had to be completed under a very tight schedule – the basketball season was right around the corner.  Mold damage had caused substantial rotting of lumber, finishes, and paint.  MCI evaluated the project and was able to provide value engineering suggestions that saved money on the project while completing it before the first ball hit the floor.

Hoopa Valley Elementary School Administrative Building & Gymnasium

Hoopa, CA

Owner: Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Architect:  BCA Architects

Completed: 2016

Value: $3.4 million

Extensive mold, asbestos, and lead abatement called for the complete demolition of a third of the Administrative Building at Hoopa Valley Elementary School.  It was the school’s desire to have the alteration remain consistent with other recently completed projects so along with the Administrative Building, the adjacent classroom wing and gymnasium were also remodeled with new doors, windows, finishes to the interior and exterior walls, flooring, and ADA code compliant ceramic tile restrooms.  A new HVAC system was installed for energy efficiency and a new, mold-resistant roof was installed.

Hoopa Valley High School Alterations to Existing Building

Hoopa, CA

Owner: Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Architect:  BCA Architects

Completed: 2016

Value: $5.2 million

As a continuation of the Hoopa Valley High School gym reroofing project, MCI was brought in to complete new interior finishes for the gymnasium.  This extended to the lobbies, restrooms, and locker room.  A new maple hardwood floor with striping and artwork was finished and a stone veneer was added to update the exterior of the building.  The gymnasium also has improved acoustics, new lighting, upgraded audiovisual, IT, and fire alarm.  MCI used value engineering and design-build methods in coordination with the Construction Manager to extend the District’s money and save construction time.

“I found McCuen Construction to be real conscientious and responsive when you call.  They’re on top of everything.  They submitted RFI’s in a timely manner and didn’t just take things into their own hands.  They wanted the architect’s input.  I appreciated that.”

- Dave Arnold, Architect

Nichols, Melburg & Rosetto

Orleans Elementary School Gymnasium

Orleans, CA

Owner: Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Architect:  BCA Architects

Completed: 2015

Value: $1.6 million


After extensive mold abatement and demolition, MCI transformed Orleans Elementary School Gymnasium to a state-of-the-art, modern gymnasium.  Improved acoustics, new lighting, and a new subfloor with maple hardwood brought new life to the building.  New, durable striping and artwork, upgraded audiovisual, IT, fire alarm, and a refurbished HVAC system completed the alteration project.

Trinity Valley Elementary School

Willow Creek, CA

Owner: Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Architect:  BCA Architects

Completed: 2015

Value: $2.9 million


With extensive mold, asbestos, and lead abatement done, MCI demolished the school gymnasium and part of the adjacent classroom wing.  The gymnasium was rebuilt as a state-of-the-art, modern gymnasium with improved acoustics, new lighting, a new subfloor with maple hardwood flooring, new, durable striping and artwork, upgraded audiovisual, IT, fire alarm, and an energy efficient HVAC system.  The Administrative Building will be remodeled in the next phase of work planned for later in 2016.

Yuba City

Senior Center

Yuba City, CA

Owner: City of Yuba City

Engineer:  Estrada Engineering

Completed: 2016

Value: $100,000

The Yuba City Senior Center was in great need of rehabilitation and repair as the facility had extensive water damage and rot.  The HVAC/Storage Room had significant long-term damage that had compromised the existing structure.  The challenge for this project was integrating new well-engineered work with the existing structure during the rainy season while maintaining weathertight conditions and an unobtrusive presence so the facility could remain operational.  MCI accomplished through solid teamwork with its subs and the City.

“I really enjoy working with the McCuen team and their professionalism.  I think their desire is to have a happy client and that comes through."

- Kevin Nolen, Construction Manager

CRM Group

Siskiyou County New Transit & Administration Center

Yreka, CA

Owner: County of Siskiyou

Architect:  Siskiyou Design Group

Completed: 2015

Value: $2.4 million


Siskiyou County Transit and Administration Center was ground-up, new construction of a 5,200sf building.  MCI built the combination transit station and administrative center with office space for several County of Siskiyou agencies with a large, modern conference room.  The extensive site work was done alongside the building construction, which posed coordination and scheduling conflicts.  MCI worked diligently with the design team to bring the project to completion on the County’s schedule.


Middle School

Anderson, CA

Owner: Cascade Union Elementary School District

Architect:  Nichols, Melburg, & Rosetto

Completed: 2015

Value: $688,000

After identifying excessive structural issues with the existing Library and Administrative Building, MCI reconstructed the structure to comply with the Division of State Architect.  The remodel included a new metal roof and site improvement of the Library and Administrative Building, which exceeded the District’s expectations and established a positive, professional relationship.

Glenshire Elementary School

Truckee, CA

Owner: Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District

Architect: Ward Young Architects

Completed: 2015

Value: $1.9 million


The Glenshire Elementary School project was a modular relocation and site-improvement.  Because of poor storm drainage, complete site demolition and storm water pollution prevention was necessary after the relocation of the modular classrooms.  Electrical site work, installation of new modular foundations, and two new parking lots were built.  Parking lot signs, striping, decorative fencing and a new irrigation system for updated landscaping finished off the improvement project.